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        Unique Mexican Ceramic Tiles

        Posted by Rustica House on

        In times of the dominance of all-white interiors, it is almost an act of heroism to add vivid colors and intricate patterns. However, it is very unlikely that we all could love the same style. In reality, our home decor should reflect our personality and also should remind us of places or moments that made us happy. In the case you are an enthusiast of Southern style and ethnic designs, you should definitely check our unique Mexican ceramic tiles. The broad range of types of our products from Mexican wall tiles, large tile murals and high relief tiles enables our clients to create one-of-a-kind decors in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and lobbies.

        mexican tiles installed on a stair risers outside of the house

        The two most apparent spaces for tile application in any style of home are kitchens and bathrooms. It is mostly because a red-clay tile protects efficiently any surfaces from getting wet and prevents general deterioration. However, the use of our unique, Mexican, ceramic tiles is endless and often very surprising. You can play with contrasting colors, alternating patterns or add dimension and texture with our high relief tiles. These bright and cheerful solutions can work in living rooms, bedrooms, stair risers, patios and gardens. Some people are quite reluctant to consider adding Mexican Talavera tiles because they associate them with extravagance or overwhelming colors. You do not need to tile a whole room or even wall, to create a Southern and multicolored ambience. By simply adding hand-painted accent tiles, your home can gain a lot of personality. In many modern residencies, you can find bits of vintage style ceramic that might work perfectly as a contrast to sometimes “cold” contemporary pieces of furniture. You might consider placing Mexican ceramic tiles around your home like around the front doorway and windows, up stair risers in a quantity that will not intimidate you.

        On the contrary, if you want your home to embody a Mexican style from head to toes, think of combining our unique, ceramic tiles with other rustic and ethnic elements such as textile or earthly, handmade furnishings. Iron lighting fixtures or hand-hammered, copper appliances create a cohesive look with Mexican, Talavera tiles. If you have ever visited a Mexican hacienda or antique-looking hotel you could have observed that Mexicans love this kind of artisan and rustic decors. You can also bring to life an eclectic style by mixing different decorative elements from around the world. Imagine a Mexican tiles tabletop with Maroccan tableware. It would definitely draw attention to your living spaces. Just remember your home should be filled with things that you love. As long as you stick to this rule, you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

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